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Advanced Composition.Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

Advanced Composition.Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

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Advanced composition is a university-level course in expository writing beyond the first-year or introductory level. Also referred to as writing that is advanced.

“In its broadest sense,” says Gary A. Olson, “advanced composition refers to all postsecondary writing instruction over the first-year level, including courses in technical, business, and advanced expository writing, along with classes related to writing across the curriculum. This broad definition was the one adopted because of the Journal of Advanced Composition in its early many years of publication” (Encyclopedia of English Studies and Language Arts, 1994).

Examples and Observations

  • “a great many educators make use of the term advanced composition to mention specifically to a junior- or senior-level composition course concerned more with writing in general than with how writing functions in particular disciplines.
    “It is unlikely that compositionists will ever reach consensus about advanced composition, nor would most teachers want some kind of monologic, universal method and course. What is certain is the fact that advanced composition is growing in popularity, both among students and instructors, and it also remains an active part of scholarship.”? (Gary A. Olson, “Advanced Composition.” Encyclopedia of English Studies and Language Arts, ed. by Alan C. Purves. Scholastic Press, 1994)
  • “Teaching advanced composition should be much more than simply a ‘harder’ freshman course. If advanced composition is to have any viability at all, it should be founded on a theory that (1) shows how advanced composition differs from the others in kind from freshman composition and (2) shows how advanced composition is developmentally related to composition that is freshman. The ‘harder’ approach achieves just the this is certainly latter”? (Michael Carter, “What Is Advanced About Advanced Composition?: A Theory of Expertise in Writing.” Landmark Essays on Advanced Composition, ed. Seguir leyendo Advanced Composition.Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms